How To Make The Best ChickTok Cover Photos

Articles about ChickTok are popping up left and right since the app launched. But, there’s something many people don’t know: you can edit photos to make better cover photos for the social media app! This article will teach you how to make great or even outstanding cover photo edits for ChickTok. 

What is ChickTok?

If you’ve been looking for a TikTok for sex, then may be exactly what you’re after. ChickTok  is a new social media apps for adults only, entirely focused on adult content, hookups, and casual dating. If you’re new to the app you probably want to make the best cover photo possible to make a good impression on other users. Luckily it’s easy to do, so we’ve compiled this guide to help in your journey!

Tips For Taking ChickTok Photos

1. Make sure you have good lighting

The best photos are taken during the day in natural light. But, if you are stuck inside at 8 pm or something, artificial lighting will work too! Just make sure there isn’t a lot of shadows on your face. If there is no way for you to get good lighting, try taking pictures during the middle of the day or in front of a window!

2. Make sure your camera is good enough

This may seem like tip #1, but it’s important and deserves its own number. If you want to take high-quality photos for ChickTok, make sure you have a good quality camera. This doesn’t mean you need a DSLR, especially if you only have a smartphone. But try to have a good point-and-shoot or phone camera so your photos aren’t grainy and pixelated.

3. Don’t take selfies

Don’t take selfies, and if you do, edit them to look like they were taken by someone else. Selfies should only be used when trying to get into ChickTok, not for cover photos or profile pictures. The reason why you should always take other people’s photos is because the app expects that every cover photo or profile picture in general was taken by someone other than yourself.

4. Ask a friend to take the photos for you

Asking a friend to take your Chicktok cover photo will help make sure it’s high-quality and not grainy like tip #2 says! If you don’t know anyone with a decent camera, try using Google to find someone! When you’re taking pictures, make sure it’s of your face and nothing else. It will help if the photos are taken from a higher angle or distance.

How To Edit ChickTok Cover Photos

1. Consider Editing Your Photo With These Apps!

There is no limit to how much you can edit a ChickTok cover photo, but it’s important to consider using these apps for the best results.

BeautyPlus  (Free) A free beauty app that can adjust levels of lighting and contrast as well as “beautify” your photo! Even if you don’t want a retouched photo, you can use BeautyPlus to brighten up your face a bit in a natural way.

Enlight  ($2.99) If you want an even more advanced editing app, Enlight is for you! The paid version allows you to adjust levels of lighting and contrast, shadows and highlights, temperature, etc. It’s perfect if your photo isn’t looking how it should after using BeautyPlus or other basic editing apps.

– Over  (Free) If you don’t want to download a photo editing app, try using the free version of Over! This is an app where you type in words and add different fonts and design aspects (like stickers) to create your own designs for photos! It’s recommended that you use this app or another more advanced one for ChickTok cover photos, but it’s also important that you try to do as much of the work by yourself.

2. Adjust The Lighting Of Your Photo

This is a more simple tip than others above, but it makes a big difference! If you have a photo with bad lighting or if your face looks super washed out, try using an app to adjust the lighting. It will help if you brighten up your photo or add more light on your face, which is something Enlight and BeautyPlus can do!

3. Use Quality Backgrounds And Stickers

The quality of your ChickTok cover photo will depend heavily on this tip! If you are able to take a high-quality photo from tip #3, you’ll want to add a high-quality background and stickers. It’s important that your cover photo looks appealing and not tacky or out of place! You can use any app for this, but make sure the backgrounds are a good size if they’re too big or small.

4. Don’t Use Filters

Filters are okay for ChickTok cover photos, but make sure they’re not too intense. For instance, don’t use a filter that makes your photo look like it was taken in the 1970s. Also refrain from using weird filters to try and fit in with other people. Your picture should be of you; not of a weird person in a pink room.

5. No Text!

Text might look nice in a ChickTok cover photo, but it’s important to keep the text simple and decent-looking. Also, try not to use too many words in your picture or else it’ll look messy and unorganized. If you can’t avoid using text, try putting the text on top of your photo or putting it by itself in another box. Just be aware of how it looks with the rest of your ChickTok cover photo!


A ChickTok cover photo is everything on the app, which makes it incredibly important. These tips will help you create a high-quality picture that you’ll be proud to use as your profile picture! No matter what editing apps or tricks you use, always remember that your photo should represent who you are and what you’re all about! If it doesn’t, chances are you won’t fit in on the app.

If you follow these tips and tricks, you’ll have a ChickTok cover photo that will look perfect! Practice makes perfect so if your first few pictures don’t turn out as planned, keep practicing! Eventually you’ll find a style and editing apps to use for your photos. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different apps and backgrounds! Your ChickTok cover photo is your chance to show how cool you are, so look the best that you can.